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  • "Dent Resistance" will reduce, if not eliminate, your warranty costs all together.
  • This process will also prevent denting of the aluminum "Class A" surface that cannot be achieved with tape, adhesive, epoxy, loctite, wrapping, crimping or tabbing.
  • These processes will give a permanent bond from the aluminum and/or stainless steel to plastic.
  • No "Worming" on the Class A finish from heat cycling when you use our bonding agent.
  • No tape to let loose
  • No fumes from our adhesives
  • No gap between the sub-straight and the decorative piece
  • Lower cost than wrapping, tabbing, crimping, tapping, or secondary bonding
  • If you applied this process our application would virtually eliminate rattles, denting and oxidizing.
  • Less tooling to achieve a finished product
  • You can get a foil, laminate, I-Fusion part and painted part all out of the same set of tooling.
  • Closer tolerances and tighter corner radii
  • On exposed plastic we can achieve the gloss level of your choice so you don't have to pay for expensive painting with our innovative plastic material.
  • The I-Fusion process may be used on parts that receive excess friction in order to protect the surface with aluminum or stainless steel.

See designs page for more examples